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Engaged Thinking in Health
Engaged Thinking Blog

Engaged Innovation

Skillful collaboration, teaming collaboration, open innovation are all terms used to describe the engagement of stakeholders internal and external to the organization during the innovation process.

Gaining from sustainability
More than just going green, being sustainable encompasses social and economic aspects that affect stakeholders.

Consumer engagement in sustainability why it matters?
Consumer demand is one of the driving forces behind sustainability.

The power of pharma businesses to drive social change
The importance of CSR programmes

The Conversation Map
Driving diabetes patient behaviour change through the Conversation Map

How to Drive Innovation Through Responsible Sourcing and Supply Chain Management
The true opportunity for sustainability-driven growth is found in collaboration, deriving purpose from common challenges and developing solutions that meet the needs of multiple stakeholders.

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is a proactive problem-solving approach that examines the relationships between various organizational functions as well as stakeholders and how they impact each other.

Systems Thinking is Driving Sustainable Transformation
Systems thinking may be the next step in the evolution of sustainability...

Systems thinking: Unlocking the Sustainable Development Goals
Systems thinking identifies the interactions between different parts of a system a city, a society, a sector and ensures they deliver more than the sum of the parts.


5 Lessons for Creating Systems Change
Human history provides examples of coordinated and successful efforts to the world for the better.

Engaged Thinking

Engaged thinking encompasses the empowerment and engagement of human capital across an organization's value chain. The goals of engaged thinking are dual: the empowerment of employees in innovation activities and whole life engagement of consumers as organizations design and deliver relevant innovations.

It's Time To Rethink The 'Employee Engagement' Issue
Real time and continous engagement will drive employee commitment.

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