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Concept of Openness in the Health Commons: Engaging Global Stakeholders in Technology Development for Malaria
January 2013

Presentation: Engaging Stakeholders for Global Health Innovation Capacity Development
November 2012

The Lilly-NCD Partnership-Open Innovation Addressing the Burden of Non-Communicable Diseases in Developing Nations
March 2012

Public Partnerships for Malaria-Engaging Stakeholders Within and on the Periphery of the Health Commons
March 2012

The Ascend Research Network—An Open Innovation Strategy to Build Biopharma Research Capacity in Developing Nations
March 2012

South Asia Network for Chronic Disease in India-Engaging in Open Innnovation, Research Capacity, and Policy Development
March 2012

Astra Zeneca Enabling Product Development at the Bottom of the Pyramid; Pfizer's Open Innovation Strategy in Asia
December 2011

Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD) Collaborative Innovation
November 2011
Learning from open innovation for neglected diseases

Networked Drug Discovery; Open Innovation Targeting the Bottom of the Pyramid
August 2011


CRO-PPP Collaborations: Models of Open Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Understanding Open Innovation Models for the Product Development Partnerships (PDP) Consortium

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