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Mastering hOSpital Antimicrobial ResistanceGo Back  
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Mastering hOSpital Antimicrobial Resistance

Year Established: 2008

MOSAR, a consortium of private and public companies and laboratories from nine European countries led by the French National Institute of Health and Medical research (Inserm), has as its mission to significantly advance the knowledge regarding the control of AntiMicrobial Resistant Bacteria (AMRB) and their spread in hospitals. With EUR 10 million in funding, MOSAR has as objectives to examine the factors determining the dynamics of the spread of AMRB within healthcare facilities and the relative efficacy a nd medico-economic impact of control strategies. The resulting new knowledge will be disseminated to caregivers and health policy makers and translated into improved patient care. It will run five years.

Target Sector:

Typology of Knowledge Network:
Scientific Community

Knowledge Type / Focus:

Participant Type:
Private Sector

Objective / Knowledge Governance:
Cooperative Research/Product Development

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